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21 March 2019
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Does your developer team have an (enterprise security) attitude?

Does your developer team have an (enterprise security) attitude? You may have a ‘personal attitude’ when pushed to certain limits in a social situation. But what kind of ‘total enterprise attitude’ (TOA – not a real acronym, but it could be) to cybersecurity does your software engineering team have?  This is the question that […]

28 April 2016
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Distinguishing a Good Web Development from the Bad

Web Development Website today represents a modern day entity. It’s like an address or a preview of the entity; website works as the first touch point to its visitors and always leave a good first impression. Such an impression is a key for the visitor turning into a customer. Thus sharing this positivity through the […]

23 March 2016
Sales & Marketing
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Social Media in 2016

Social media is an effective tool of communication. Social media is strengthening its roots with every passing year. New ways of interaction, voicing out opinion and digitalization have been main pillars of social media. It is not uncommon to see teenagers, adults and even old people struck to their phone and computer screens to see […]

19 March 2016
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Difference of Mobile Website and Desktop Website

In the past few years mobile devices have become quite common and a lot of people have begun to use internet on their smartphones. This increased internet browsing on mobile devices has increased the demand of mobile friendly websites and has even created an entirely new field of mobile marketing. The only problem with mobile […]

15 March 2016
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Useful Guidelines for Getting Google to Index a New Website Instantly

Having a well visible website for a start-up business is imperative for ensuring its growth and resultant success. A website plays an important role for shedding a light on your company/services/business. After you set up a website, you need to make people find it over the internet. It is possible through prudent Search Engine Optimization.Search […]