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Retail Point of Sale

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Build Customer Database

Build customer database with name, email, address, billing and tax information including comments

List and Control Items

You can list each sales item, categorize, list cost/price/quantity with taxes, view and edit inventory details as you like.

Manage Item Kits

Package related items into a group with Item Kit. You can build item lists, give descriptions and add barcodes.


Manage supply chain with complete database of your supplier information with fast and easy to use modules.

Generate Multipurpose Reports

Generate graphical, summary and detailed reports on your sales, suppliers, customers, employees, payments and taxes. You can also track your stocks with Stock Reports.

Item Receive/Return

Track items received and returned with all the details you have entered. You can also search database through item name or scan barcode. You can also track through supplier information.

Sales Register

Conduct and track sales with item label or barcode. You can also track sales through customer database or add new. There is an option available to suspend sale of a particular item if you desire.

Employee Database

Build database of your employees with complete information. Also give authorization to employees through a secure login process. Authorize permission/access to each employee to use different functions.

Gift Cards

Add and deliver gift card benefits to your customers with this simple module. You can add value to each gift card and search through numbers. Redundant gift cards can be deleted through the same window.

Store Configuration Information

This module provides an interface that can be used to quickly and efficiently record company information details including tax rates, return policy. You can also configure the module with timezone, area/country and language.

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