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Yumfoody.com’s aim to bring all relevant information related to food industry under single umbrella like Bridge between suppliers, consultants & eateries, list of Institutes providing food technology course, technical and business articles, job opportunities and a discuss forum to share knowledge and information. Visit www.yumfoody.com for details.

Why Us

For Users

Are you busy? Have no time for cooking?Or Just wish to have meal from your Favorite place.Yum Foody is now available in your city.We are offering fast,easy and a new way of browsing your favorite restaurants and eateries on your laptop or mobile.Whether it is breakfast on the go lunch at office,dinner in bed or a mid -night snack call,now you can get your favorite meals pretty much whenever you are ;thanks to the free easy-to-use yum foody Delivery & Takeout App with on-line and cash options.

For Restaurants

If you really love to make good foody,you need to reach out to more people who love your food?yum foody is a a great new platform for new to serve food online without worry.We are here to market and manage service and meals online.All you need is to keep up with meals online.All you need is to keep up with the great taste you have always offered.


  1. Easy and user -friendly dashboard
  2. Code referral System
  3. Customers engagement with push notifications
  4. Social media Integration
  5. Cross platform compatibility


  1. Makes the ordering process easier
  2. Orders are ‘right’ all the time
  3. Keeps the costs transparent
  4. Reduces human error
  5. Monitors your expenses in real time
  6. Customers tracking and loyalty
  7. Mobile friendly


  • Home Delivery
  • Restaurant booking
  • party booking
  • Weeding booking
  • Food festivals
  • Recipes
  • Live Bar B Q
  • Home events
  • Book a Chef for special events
  • Catering services

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